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Parents Guide

A summary of our behaviour policy.

Through our school behaviour policy we are trying to create a school where everyone can be happy and free to learn. Where the qualities of self discipline and personal responsibility are valued but where clearly defined boundaries exist for those children who find it difficult to conform in an unstructured environment.


* To develop respect for people and belongings
* To provide a framework for imposed discipline leading to self discipline
* To be an intrinsic part of the Christian ethos of the school
* To help create a happy, secure atmosphere for learning
* To raise awareness of expectations for pupils, staff, parents and the wider community
* To provide moral guidance
* To set standards for pupils as future members of society

The school has a clearly defined Code of Conduct which is reviewed at the start of each school year. This is on display in each classroom and parents may have a copy on request.

Each class also develops its own Code of Conduct on how to behave in the classroom, this is regularly reviewed in circle time.

We believe that praise and positive comments are more effective than punishments. We use a range of incentives from verbal praise, stickers and house points to special school certificates to reward good behaviour.

Where sanctions need to be applied we try to ensure they are appropriate to the degree of misbehaviour and are fair and consistently applied. They range from a verbal reprimand to out of school sanctions applied in co-operation with parents.

We try to ensure that all classrooms are organised to minimise bad behaviour and promote learning. Staff use circle time, a group discussion session, to develop self discipline, personal responsibility and awareness of others.

We consider both punctuality and good attendance to be an intrinsic part of our behavioural expectations and whilst we recognise that pupils must take some responsibility in this area we also need parental support to ensure that all pupils arrive promptly and attend regularly.

We expect pupils to wear school uniform and abide by the other dress codes outlined in the school prospectus including not wearing jewellery, nail varnish or unsuitable shoes.

All pupils are screened for behavioural problems on entry to school and behaviour is subsequently monitored by the staff and head teacher on a termly basis. We keep a record of all pupils whose behaviour gives cause for concern and records of all formal meetings, with parents and outside agencies, relating to behaviour.

We believe as a staff that we should work in partnership with parents at all times. This is particularly true in terms of behaviour where most of the responsibility and influence rests in the home. For this reason we believe in involving parents at every stage when dealing with behavioural difficulties and we hope that parents will come to us for advice and guidance when experiencing difficulties at home. To this end teachers should make themselves available to parents after school as soon as is practicable. The Head Teacher is available at all times for consultation but parents in need of a longer discussion should make an appointment. Where staff are concerned about a pupil's behaviour they will contact parents informally in the first instance, but if the problems persist a more formal meeting with the class and headteacher will be arranged.

We hope this summary of our behaviour policy will help parents understand how we work in school. If you have any queries at any time relating to behaviour or discipline please contact the headteacher.