Coming to School

We want all children to come to school safely and believe that walking to school is the best way to ensure this. Children who learn to be pedestrians at an early age are far safer and fitter than those who always travel by car. Traffic around the school is always problematic at peak times. Where there is no choice but to drive to school we would ask that you observe the informal one way system, encourage your child to get out at the drop off point as soon as they feel confident to come into school alone, park with consideration for residents and other road users and allow sufficient time for your journey so that children do not arrive in an agitated state because they have been stuck in traffic.

Children may cycle to school if accompanied by an adult but we cannot ensure the safety of bicycles left on site. All children who wish to come by bike require a cycling permit, which is obtainable from the school office.

In the winter months children should wear bright or reflective clothing so they can be easily seen.

Should an adult responsible for meeting a child be unavoidably detained, we tell children always to come back into school and tell a teacher. We will keep them in the entrance hall and try to contact the parents. If you can warn us when you are delayed we will send children to the entrance hall to wait.

If you make a change to the normal arrangements please make sure that your child knows who is collecting them as we instruct them never to go with anyone they are not expecting. Please ensure that your child's teacher also knows the arrangements at the beginning of the day or ring the school office so that the information can be passed on. We recommend that you establish a code word with your child, which you only give to people you have authorised to collect them or let us know, and we will tell them who to expect.


Checklist for the First Day

Please make sure your child has the following:
P.E. Kit
Packed Lunch with a fruit snack for breaktime
A handkerchief or tissues
A coat if the weather is changeable or cold

On the first day you should bring your child to the front entrance where you will be welcomed by a senior pupil or the Headteacher and directed to the appropriate class. Children should take coats and bags with them and will be shown where to put them.

We hope that your child will settle quickly and happily and you will be able to leave them in the care of the class teacher after a few minutes. If they are unsettled or upset it is still best to leave as quickly as possible as the children are usually better without their parents. In the unlikely event of a child failing to settle we would of course let you know.

After the first day children should use the rear entrance and put coats and bags in the cloakroom and lunch boxes on the trolley in their class. After a few days you should try to leave your child at the classroom door and after a few weeks in the playground.

At 3.15pm the Class Teacher brings all the children out to their parents, so if you wait near the rear door they will come back to you.

Children will soon be bringing home reading books and words to learn. Book bags are available from the school office to keep these in good condition. Please make sure you write you child’s name on immediately. Please do not allow children to bring large bags to school as there is insufficient space to store them in the cloakrooms. 



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