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All St Paul's School Policies can be obtained from the main school office.  Please write or e-mail with a request for these. If you should require a paper copy of any documents held at school please write in with the request and they will be produced free of charge. Below we have highlighted some of the key policies.



Equal Opportunities


St. Paul's school is committed to providing equality of opportunity to all those associated with it regardless of race, religion, gender or ability. We actively promote inclusion and seek to provide a learning environment accessible to all.


St Paul’s school is an anti-racist establishment. Racist behaviour or abuse will not be tolerated.


Equality Objectives


To promote cultural understanding through a rich range of experiences


The issue of developing a deeper awareness of diversity remains a challenge in our largely mono-cultural school. The links with other cultures we have are exploited fully and enrich many aspects of school life including PE lessons, assemblies, class trips and music experiences.


Review Summer 2019: 

Development of modernised, relevant and appropriate PSHE curriculum which includes explicit and specific reference to diversity.

Multi-cultural project exploring cultures, traditions and countries around the world and in Britain.

Collective worship schedule includes stories and real-life accounts from a range of cultures.

Year 5 music project with Bucks Music Trust. Children collaborated with children in a Ugandan refugee camp.


To move beyond deterministic notions of fixed ability and to model teaching and learning behaviours that avoid labelling.


We are committed to developing positive attitudes to learning and the concept of growth mindset meaning we can all literally 'grow our brains'.Children are encouraged to welcome struggle as part of learning and develop perseverance and determination. 


Review Summer 2019:

Continued benefit of membership of the PSHE Association to develop the curriculum and embed positive learning attitudes throughout school life.

Development of a new PSHE curriculum that promotes growth mindset attitudes.

Parent Open Days when a growth mindset is applied to a range of themes.

Regular advice to parents on promoting growth mindset at home including sections in the monthly newsletter and online guidance.

Commissioning of specialist teachers to support Year 6 children in transition to secondary school.

Emotional Learning Support Assistant trained.