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The Intensive Learning Unit

The Intensive Learning Unit (ILU) is the team that supports those children who would benefit from individualised learning and monitors the progress of all children including the most able. This team consists of a Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo)and a team of  Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs). The team is trained to work with all the children. Additional support can come in many forms.  This can be from extra support through a difficulty, for example, a problem with coping with a new area in Maths, to regular daily or weekly support.  General Learning  Support Assistants (LSAs) support either in a single class or across classes as directed.  Special Support Assistants (SSAs) support individual children for whom an Educational Health Care Plan is in place.  Higher Level Teaching Assistants are qualified to teach a whole class.


All support assistants are trained to use a wide range of resources to support pupil learning.


In Reception  we carry out a Foundation Stage Profile to identify strengths and weaknesses and allow us to set targets for every child which we share with 

parents. It also identifies children who need additional support in order to make progress in achieving their targets. These children will be given one to one or small group support. As children move through the school their progress is carefully monitored and where necessary additional support is given. The SENDCo will discuss strategies with the class teacher and plan interventions. Sometimes this will be a short programme to overcome a specific problem; other children may need a level of support throughout their time at school. Each child who is on SEN support has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and parents are invited to meet the co-ordinator to discuss this at the outset and to monitor progress.


Our aim is for children who experience learning difficulties to take responsibility for their own learning by carrying out homework tasks and trying their best at all times.    Where parents have any concerns about their child’s progress we hope that they will inform us as soon as possible so we can ascertain the nature and level of the problem and implement an appropriate programme.  Teachers plan learning to ensure that all children are challenged regardless of where their attainment is within the class or nationally.


In line with the Special Needs Code of Practice we use a graduated approach of action and intervention:-


· Tier 1: Universal support — Personalised and differentiated approaches available to all children.

· Tier 2:  Early SEND support — Some children will require more focussed and targeted support or intervention.

· Tier 3:  Continuing SEND support —  Relatively few children will need a much higher level of support and intervention.


Our Local Offer and SEN policy can be found under Key Information > Policies

Our Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator is Mrs Allen. She can be contacted via the School Office


Telephone: 01628 521553