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Thank you for visiting the website of St Paul's Church of England Combined School, I hope you find the information here useful.


St Paul's is located between the villages of Wooburn Green and Bourne End on a quiet housing estate. It benefits from extensive grounds with countryside and a park nearby. The school has a caring ethos based upon Christian principles but wholly inclusive of those of all faiths and none. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and embrace challenge.


Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to providing a high quality education for all pupils. We offer a well-balanced and stimulating curriculum that encourages children to develop a positive attitude to their learning. We aim for teaching and learning to be engaging, relevant and responsive to current events, bringing the world into the classroom. We set high standards and have high expectations for all our children both in their learning and behaviour. We strive to ensure that all cultures, faiths and backgrounds are embraced and children show respect for each other.


We aim to ensure our pupils develop enquiring minds and acquire the relevant skills, attitudes and knowledge - including a life-long love of learning - to prepare them as they progress in their education. We also encourage a healthy attitude towards physical activity, nutrition and emotional well-being.


A wide range of extra-curricular activities is offered so that children can pursue and further develop their sporting, musical and artistic interests. Parents are encouraged to be closely involved in their children's education and we are also fortunate to have a very supportive and active PTA. Governors at the school ensure that our aims and objectives are met through strategic planning and budgeting to guarantee high quality resources and facilities for the children in our care.



Visitors to our school often comment on the supportive, caring atmosphere and respectful, warm interactions between all members of our community. If you are interested in finding out more about our school first hand, please come and visit us!


Joanne Butler




St Paul's is a family; everyone is valued and shares a unifying vision exemplified in our vision statement:


“We rejoice in trials and problems as these produce endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope.

Our school community will be a compassionate place of enjoyment, respect and hope where courage is valued and skills developed for all to thrive in a diverse world; growing in strength, wisdom and faith.”

School Values

Our School Values have been defined in consultation with children, parents, staff and governors at St Paul's.  They have been chosen as umbrella terms and encompass a range of principles and shared beliefs which are explored through collective worship, class activities, PSHE lessons and beyond.  These values are evident in these areas but not least in the way that all of us interact in school.


Our School Values are:








These values are based on Christian values but are wholly inclusive of those of different faiths and none. Children are taught not just to tolerate, but to celebrate diversity and difference in school and in wider society.

St Paul's Purpose Map

Is a Church school a 'faith' school?

Dispelling myths around C of E Schools....

In the nineteenth century the Church of England was the first to establish schools providing education for all for free. The Church believed, as it does today, that everyone should have access to education, not just those that can afford it. In 1840, St Paul’s School, Wooburn was established to educate ‘the poor of the parish’.


Church Schools are NOT

· ‘faith’ schools

· about conversion to Christianity

· just about RE and collective worship


Church Schools ARE

 · inclusive for all - with any faith or no faith

 · spiritual in nature

· distinctive in foundation – where schools began

· a vehicle for service


In Summary

Church Schools are for all children, all communities, all society, all faiths and world views but are founded on Christian values. These values are shared by all members of society, by those of other faiths and none.