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Assemblies and Collective Worship

Collective Worship Policy


WB 10th July


We enjoyed a fantastic concert by Musical Theatre Club! We were treated to a medley of songs from Mary Poppins, some great dancing and even some solos and duets.

WB 3rd July


This week, we were visited by Rebecca from Wycombe Youth for Christ, who talked to us about opposites. She retold to us the story from the Bible of Jesus calming the storm. She reminded us that Christians believe God can help us to feel calm in when things seem turbulent.

WB 26th June

Year 6 children presented their Mini-Enterprise adverts to the school, promoting the competitions, products and services they are trading this week.

WB 5th June


We welcomed Rebecca from Wycombe Youth for Christ, to talk about our week's theme: LOOKING AFTER THE WORLD, inspired by the bible verse from Psalm 24: “The world and all that is in it belong to the Lord; the earth and all who live on it are his.” 

The Open the Book team came along to share the story of Moses in the Bulrushes, ably assisted by some fine acting from Year 6 pupils.

The week finished with a wonderful assembly led by Year 1, giving us a whistle-stop tour of their year of learning.

WB 22nd May

This week, we enjoyed welcoming a range of visiting leaders to collective worship. Rev Paul and Rev Hinks spoke to us as well as Rebecca from Wycombe Youth for Christ; all on the theme of forgiveness. These assemblies were based on the Bible verse from 1 Peter chapter 4:

"Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love makes up for many of your faults."

WB 15th May 

On Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Butler read the story 'A House Like No Other' from the anthology 'Happy Here', a collection of short stories written by contemporary Black British authors. 


WB 9th May was SATs week so our collective worship was observed in classes. We used the iSingPOP videos to continue to consider themes of social justice and courageous advocacy.

Year 4 finished our week with a wonderful assembly about Encouragement.

WB 2nd May 2023


WB 13th March


Rev Paul visited to continue his series of assemblies for Lent. He focused this week on these Beatitudes:


You are blessed when you let go of your own importance,
All  then you have all there is to have.
You are blessed when you work to bring peace
 in the middle of trouble and fighting and fear,

All  then you are living as a child in God’s Family.

Year 6 were asked to come to the front and link arms together. This represented that we are all connected. He then broke apart the 'chain' at different points, symbolising the breakdown of friendships in a disagreement, for example. Mrs Butler was then invited to be the peacemaker and connect the chain together again. Children were asked to discuss ways in which we can be peacemakers when there is conflict. 

Our Assistant Headteacher of Early Years led this assembly. Miss Sims told the true story of her adventure climbing Mount Snowdon! We heard about how she experienced the School Values during the challenge and linked this to our Learning Pit when we face struggles and fail. 

On Friday, Rev Paul came to talk to us about Lent. He shared with us the Beatitudes, describing them as 'beautiful attitudes'.

At the end of our collective worship, children and staff were invited to receive a cross of ash on the back of their hand as a sign of Ash Wednesday.

WB 30th January


On Monday, we sat in our Houses and had an iSingPOP 'Sing Off'! Each House performed one of their favourite iSingPOP ongs to the rest of the school. The aim was to spread joy to others.


On Wednesday, Rev Hinks visited us from Cores End United Reformed Church to talk about Candlemas.


On Thursday, the children in Nursery and Reception has a Chinese Dance Workshop to learn more about the Chinese celebration of new year. The rest of school learned about this in class.


On Friday, Year 3 continue the theme of 'spreading joy' with jokes, role play and poems in their Class Assembly.  

Year 5 assembly - love

We continued to learn about creativity within the Christian faith with the iSingPOP team via their collective worship videos.

Mrs Butler also used the new POPBox resource from iSingPOP to tell the story of Jesus and the Woman at the Well.

On Wednesday 11th January, Rebecca from Wycombe Youth for Christ visited us to talk about trust and linked this to the story in the Old Testament of the Israelites crossing the River Jordan. 


WB 5th December

This was an exciting week when we watched the Key Stage 1 Christmas Production, 'A Mouse in Santa's House'.  Erica from Wycombe Youth for Christ came into speak to us and the Nursery children performed their Nativity in the hall.

WB 28th November

WB 21st November


Erica, from Wycombe Youth for Christ, visited us on Monday to tell us about the story of Samuel and Eli, encouraging us to listen carefully and to consider who we take advice from.


Children watched a series of films from Children in Need to find out where their money goes and the impact it has on many children in the UK.


We began practising our Christmas songs and carols this week!


On Friday, Nursery and Reception treated us to a fantastic assembly on the theme of Road Safety. 


WB 10th October

We enjoyed our iSingPOP assemblies this week, with Sandy returning to St Paul's to teach us a whole set of brand new songs based on shared values. These included thankfulness, kindness, hope and resilience.

WB 3rd October


This week we welcomed a member of the charity Action for Happiness who talked about the wellbeing project GREAT DREAMS. See the link below for more information.


WB 26th September

This week we held our House Captain elections where children in Year 6 stood to be voted at House and Vice-Captains.


Year 4 led our Harvest Assembly. They explained the different ways in which we can give and be generous, even if we don't have money to donate.

This week Year 6 presented their assembly on Jeans for Genes Day. They taught us all about the work of the charities who support children with genetic conditions.

WB 12th September

Monday 12th September


Our School Value of Courage was discussed in this assembly. We recognised the courage shown by King Charles III over the weekend, carrying out such important and historic duties whilst still grieving the loss of his mother.


Some children supported Mrs Butler in telling the Bible story of David and Goliath, acting out the events and considering the courage David gained from his faith in God.


Some of our Year 4 children presented a PowerPoint promoting their charity stall which will take place on Friday 16th September in aid of the RSPCA and JDRF Diabetes Charity. It was very courageous of them to stand up in front of the whole school!


We finished our assembly with a prayer:


Dear God 

Thank you for the story of David and Goliath which shows us the importance of courage.

We pray for the Royal Family today, that they find the courage to move on without the Queen to lead them.

We pray You will show Your grace and love to them.



Reflection: How ill you show courage today?

Wednesday 14th September


We continue to mark the death of Her Majesty during this national period of mourning and are monitoring children's responses in case they need additional support.


Today, in assembly, we considered the Queen's deep Christian faith and the strength it gave her. This short film was used to illustrate this:


We also had a visit from an ex-pupil who along with her mum, who works in our Nursery, organises Bourne End Junior Craft Show, which celebrates its 10th year this year! Please see the flyer attached and encourage your child to get involved. It is a great example of how someone little can make a big difference.



Friday 16th September


We introduced our Year 6 play leaders today, all 16 of them! They will support the younger children in their play.


We looked at the Queen's love of animals. The children acted out the story of Noah's Ark, considering the value of Courage that Noah and his family demonstrated.


We prepared for the Queen's funeral by explaining the purpose of a funeral is to say thank you and goodbye.


WB 23rd May 2022

Year 4 Forgiveness assembly


WB 4th April

The Year 4 children led our Easter Service, recounting the story of Easter.

Rev Paul came to talk about the final section of the Lord's Prayer. He asked the children for their definition of 'power'. He asked what the children believed were the most powerful things that God has done. 

Paul finished by talking about how he believes the most important word in the Lord's Prayer is 'for'; that Christians believe all the things in the Lord's Prayer are possible because the Kingdom, the power and the glory is God's. 

Lord's Prayer - 'For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever.'

WB 28th March

On Monday, Rev Terry Hinks visited us to lead our collective worship and talk about 'Hope'. He talked about moments when we might feel hopeless and that we may feel there is nothing we can do. But then he shared examples of people taking action to make things better for others, and demonstrating hope. The children shared their understanding of the word determinations. He finished by encouraging us not to give up!

On Wednesday, Rev Paul shared with us an interesting way to look at sin, based on the original definition of the word in the Bible. He called it 'missing the mark'. We had children attempting to fly paper aeroplanes at a target, to demonstrate just how tough it can be to hit the target, no matter how hard we try. Paul also talked to us about the expectation that we forgive others.

Lord's Prayer - "Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us"

Tiggywinkles Charity Competition Launch

On Wednesday 23rd March, Rev Paul continued our study of the Lord's prayer, considering the words 'Give us today our daily bread'. The children were asked what they thought we needed daily to survive. Their answers, summarised below, contained practical and more philosophical ideas! Paul then talked about advertisements and asked what was their purpose. He finished by saying that Christians believe God provides all we need for our daily lives. 

Lord's Prayer - "Give us today our daily bread"

WB 14th March


On Monday we read the book The Sunflower sisters. The focus this week was 'Hope for Equality'. The story centres around the friendship of two girls and how they grow to be confident of their identity.


On Tuesday, Rebecca from Wycombe Youth for Christ visited us to develop our thinking about what equality means to each of us.


On Wednesday, Rev Paul continued his study of the Lord's prayer this week, considering the words 'Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven'. We were challenged to consider what Jesus would do if he were Headteacher!


On Thursday, the children watched the next instalment of The Life of Jesus series from iSingPOP, learning about his baptism.


On Friday, Year 3 treated us to a joke-filled Red Nose Day Assembly, including a display of 'synchronised swimming'! They raised lots of cash for Comic Relief. 

Lord's Prayer - "Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven"

Wednesday 9th March

Rev Paul came to visit and lead assembly. He is visiting weekly during Lent to teach us about the Lord's Prayer and its meaning for Christians. In this assembly, we considered the meaning of these words at the beginning:






The children shared with each other their interpretation of the words. Paul told us the King David wrote in the Psalms that he saw God as his mother as well as his father. Paul explained that we can use the word mother in the Lord's Prayer as well if we wish. 


The children were challenged to think about what heaven could be and where it could be. There many thoughtful and varied answers!


We learnt that 'hallowed' mean precious and that Christians believe the name of God is precious.


Next week, we will consider 'Thy Kingdom Come'.


Lord's Prayer - "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name."

Week beginning 28th February

Week beginning 14th February

Tuesday 8th February - The Perseverance of Jeremiah


We continue our series on perseverance from the iSingPOP team. This week, we look at the life of Jeremiah. 


Children think more deeply about the importance of showing perseverance in the face of adversity.  The dictionary definition of adversity is explained, and the Bible verse; “Be happy in your hope, stand your ground when you’re in trouble” is considered.

Discussion is encouraged around standing firm and being committed to our beliefs and goals. It is explained that Christians believe even when they face difficulties, they can have hope and trust in God.

Wednesday 9th February

During assembly time on Wednesday, KS2 children discussed some Philosophy for Children questions.

Thursday 10th February - Open the Book: Peter and the Angel

Y4 Assembly 11th February

Reception's Assembly 4th Feb 2022

Year 1 assembly 28 1 22

Year 1 tell us all about Traditional Tales

Friday 21st January - Y6 Class Assembly

Year 6 share what they have learned about what it was like to live in Britain during World War Two.

Week beginning 10th January


Week beginning 13th December

Week beginning 15th November

Week beginning 1st November

Week beginning 18th October

Week beginning 4th October

Week beginning 20th September

Week beginning 13th September

Week beginning 19th July

Monday 19th July - Reviewing our School Values

Tuesday July 20th - Open the Book - Joseph and brothers

Week beginning 12th July

Assembly Thursday 15th July 21 Peace

Wednesday 14th July - 29,000 Ducks On An Epic Adventure!

Tuesday 13th July Open the Book Joseph in Prison 2

Week beginning 5th July

Kindness Assembly 5th July

Open the Book - Tuesday 6th July - Joseph 1

Faith At Home - Collective Worship for Primary Schools - Kindness

This week's Faith at Home episode explores the theme of KINDNESS - with prayers, reflections, activities and fun from student leaders in Birmingham and Croyd...

Week beginning 28th June

Monday 28th June - Peacemakers

Tuesday 29th June - Open the Book - Abraham

KS1 Assembly Wednesday 30th June

When Friendship Goes Wrong...

Assembly Thursday 1st July - Reconciliation

An assembly for St. Paul's School that explores the topic of reconciliation and unity.

Week beginning 21st June

Monday 21st June - Celebrating Diversity assembly available on Teams

Assembly Tuesday 22nd June - Open the Book - Noah's Ark

Wednesday 23rd June KS2 Assembly Celebrating Difference

Friday 25th June - Reception's Assembly Summer 2021

Week beginning 14th June

Tuesday 15th June - Open the Book Genesis 2

Wednesday 16th June KS1 Assembly

Assembly Thursday 17th June - Kindness & Friendship with Paul and Ali

Week Beginning 7th June

Monday 7th June - World Ocean day

Tuesday 8th June - Open the Book Creation story 8th June

Wednesday 9th June KS2 assembly - G7 Summit

Year 3 Assembly 11th June 2021 - Looking After Our World

Week beginning 24th May

Monday 24th May - Encouragement

Tuesday 25th May - Open The Book 25th May - Abigail

Wednesday 26th May - KS1 assembly - Good Deeds

Year 2 Assembly May 2021 - The Good Samaritan

Week beginning 17th May

Monday 17th May - Identity - We Can Make A Difference

An assembly exploring the topic of 'Identity'. This is the third assembly in the series. In this assembly, we look at 3 people from history who have made a difference to the people around them, and indeed on lives today.

Tuesday 18th May - Open The Book - the Story of Hannah

Wednesday 19th May KS2 assembly

Thursday 20th May - Prayer and Pentecost

Week beginning 10th May

Tuesday 11th May - Open The Book - the Story of Deborah

Wednesday 12th May - KS1 assembly - Super Friends!

Thursday 13th May - Forgiveness

Gemma, from Wycombe Youth for Christ, explores the topic of forgiveness.

Friday 14th May - Year 5 Assembly "What Inspires You?"

Week beginning 4th May 2021

Tuesday 4th May - Open the Book Ruth

Week beginning 26th April

Monday 26th April What Is Love?

Tuesday 27th April 2021 Open The Book

Wednesday 28th April Key Stage 1 - What is Love?

Thursday 29th April - Identity

An assembly-based resource for schools exploring the topic of 'Identity'. This is the first assembly in the series. It explores how our actions and words s...

Tuesday 20th April Open the Book

Wednesday 21st April

Thursday 22nd April

Love Assembly 22nd April 21

Rev Terry Hinks talks about love

Week beginning 29th March 2021

Open The Book Palm Sunday

Week beginning 22nd March

Monday 22nd March - Harriet Tubman

Tuesday 23rd March National Day of Reflection

Wednesday 24th March Open The Book

Thursday 25th March

Still image for this video
Rev Hinks talks about high expectations
Week beginning 15th March

Monday 15th March - Red Nose Day preparation

Tuesday 16th March - Kamala Harris's Superheroes

Open the Book Wednesday 17th March

The story of David continues...

Thursday 18th March Faithfulness Assembly with Doral Hayes

Thursday 18th March 21

Friday 19th March Red Nose Day Fun!

Week beginning 8th March

Joe Todd Stanton Reads A Mouse Called Julian

How to draw Julian

Assembly 10 03 21

Watch Miss Steed's video all about a girl called Malala

Open the Book 9th March 2021

Week beginning 1st March

Monday 1st March - Kai and the Monkey King Part 1

Tuesday 2nd March - Open The Book

Wednesday 3rd March - Kai and the Monkey King Part 2

Thursday 4th March - Kai and the Monkey King Part 3

Julian is a Mermaid

Meet Julian, he's a mermaid!

Open The Book 230221

Assembly: Hope (St . Paul's)

An assembly-based resource for schools exploring the topic of 'Hope'. Including a game, it enables students to consider the difference between wishes and ho...

Week beginning 8th February

Open the Book Tuesday 9th February

Wednesday 10th February - Assembly for Sir Tom

Thursday 11th February - The World Made a Rainbow


The last assembly of this half term can be found as an assignment on Teams.

Week beginning 1st February

Thursday 28th Jan - Gratitude

Tuesday 19th January Open The Book

Friday 22nd January

Use the website and password sent to you to watch the latest iSingPOP offering: Episode 3 How should we love?

Thursday 14th January - KS1 Assembly - JOY by Corrinne Averiss

Joy, a children's storybook By Corrinne Averiss.Read Aloud by KidStoryTime With Iffy.Published by Quarto PublishingThis is a beautiful book with a message ab...

Thursday 14th January - KS2 assembly about older children's view of joy

Hello! Here is our new assembly about Joy! We hope that you can enjoy!

Friday 15th January - iSingPOP!

Use the website and password emailed to you to watch Episode 2 Who Should We Love? EP2 CW Spring 1

Autumn 2020

A Story for Key Stage 1 children - Grandpa Christmas by Michael Morpurgo

For KS1

A Story for Key Stage 2 children - The Great Realisation by Tomos Roberts

For KS2

Open The Book 24th November

16th November - The Wishing Tree Project

The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020 - Year 5 and 6 only

This video is 23 minutes long and is quite hard-hitting, hence we are only recommending it to children in Years 5 and 6. It is important you watch it before sharing with your child.

Open The Book 20th October 2020

Monday 19th October - The Courage to Persevere

Harvest 2020 - Fruits of the Spirit

Open The Book 131020

Tuesday 6th October

Open The Book 061020 Elijah and the Ravens

Monday 5th October - Prayer

Wednesday 30th September - Wycombe Youth for Christ: Who Do You Follow?

An assembly-based resource for schools exploring the topic of 'Who do you follow?'. Through a football themed quiz, it enables students to consider who they follow.

Monday 28th September 2020


The children received a well-needed 'pep talk' from these children, discussed some fantastic self-affirmations and listened to an encouraging song.

2020 Pep Talk by Children (Big Life Journal)

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us...BUT! It can still be saved! This is the PEP TALK WE ALL NEED to feel encouraged, to keep going, and to make the most of this year!! These children are here to remind you that you matter, you can do hard things, and YOU ARE LOVED!

"Big Life" [Lyric Video] Original Song by Lindsay Müller

Wednesday 23rd September - Rev Terry Hinks

Still image for this video

Open The Book 22nd September 2020

The open the Book Team bring the story of the two houses

Monday 21st September - Gideon, a courageous learner

Virtual Assembly 13th July

Virtual Assembly - Peace and Unity

Virtual Assembly 1st July

Virtual Assembly 30th June 2020

Virtual Assembly - Wednesday 24th June - Who is my Neighbour?

Virtual Assembly 23rd June - Self-control

Self-Control discussion sheet

Virtual Assembly 17th June

Virtual Assembly 16th June

Virtual Assembly 15th June

Virtual Assembly 8th June

Virtual Assembly for the New Half Term, 1st June 2020

Virtual Assembly 18th May

Virtual Assembly 11th May 2020

Virtual Assembly 4th May

Virtual Assembly 27th April 2020

Virtual assembly 30th March 2020

Our Collective Worship schedule is designed around the School Values. 

In the first half of the Autumn Term, we look at Courage as we all begin a new academic year. The Value of Respect is considered in the second half of the Autumn Term.

In in dark, cold January, we focus on the Value of Enjoyment and then move on to consider the Value of Hope as we approach Easter. 

The Summer Term is given over to the School Value of Belonging and Community and we finish the year reflecting on all our School Values.

Children's Contributions

Children participate and lead assemblies and collective worship on a regular basis in a variety of ways.

  • writing and leading prayers
  • performing songs and role playing stories
  • singing chorally
  • presenting charity projects and launching competitions
  • sharing successes and achievements
  • reporting on sporting events

These are continually related to the School Values


Here are some examples of collective worship at St Paul's.

Rev Hinks came in to lead Collective Worship on 28th February. He told us about Fairtrade Fortnight and how we can share hope. Here is his powerpoint.