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Science St Pauls

We aim to encourage a healthy curiosity in our children about our universe and promote respect for the living and non-living. We believe Science encompasses the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills, values and positive attitudes to learning.


We are Scientists.

Be like a Scientist. We are theory testers, experimenters, evaluators.


  • The Science taught in the school is based on the National Curriculum objectives and a skills progression.
  • Pupils receive 1.5 hours of Science per week which will focus on learning Science knowledge, vocabulary and investigative skills.
  • We use a hands-on approach involving practical work and investigations, with the focus on skills as well as factual knowledge.
  • Research takes place to broaden knowledge using texts and the internet.
  • Role play, songs, games and quizzes are used to engage pupils.
  • Learning outcomes are recorded in a variety of ways including diagrams, posters, written reports, result tables, Venn diagrams.
  • Children discuss and debate ideas and theories.
  • There are frequent opportunities for pair and group activities.
  • Also we provide opportunities for outdoor learning, trips and visits.
  • Pupils are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and test theories.
  • Tasks emphasise the accurate use of relevant scientific vocabulary.






Science Long Term Plans at St Paul's 2024

Science Skills Progression at St Paul's