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Development & Maintenance Fund

What is the fund?
The Governing Body has established the Fund, which has charitable status under the Education Act 1944 and the Income and Incorporation Taxes Act 1970, in order that tax can be removed on contributions received. The Governing Body will administer the Fund for, and in the best interests of, the school and its pupils.

What is its purpose?
As a Church of England school, St Paul’s is not fully maintained by the State, so the Governors deem it necessary to opt into the Diocesan Maintenance and Insurance Scheme. This scheme has been successfully operated over a number of years, allowing us to run an extremely well maintained school. The insurance scheme covers us for:

* insurance of buildings, Employer’s Liability and Public Liability (Third Party)
* external repairs and maintenance

An additional use of the fund is to help finance projects that will enhance the school in a wider context than is normally provided for by the Local Authority.

How do I contribute?
You may contribute monthly, quarterly or yearly, by cash, cheque, online standing order setup or Banker’s Order. If you are a tax-payer, there would be a significant benefit to the school if you contribute under “Gift Aid”. The additional revenue from the recovery of tax is substantial and we would urge as many parents as possible to give in this way.

May I cancel?
A Gift Aid Declaration may be cancelled at any time.

How much should I contribute?
We will be happy to accept any amount you feel able to give. Since one of the primary purposes of the fund is to cover the cost of the Diocesan Maintenance and Insurance Scheme, we would ask for a minimum annual amount of £20 for each child.


Frequency Amount of Payment Tax Recovered Each Year Total Received Each Year
Yearly 20.00 5.64 25.64
  50.00  14.10  64.10
Quarterly 5.00 5.64 25.64
  10.00 11.28 51.28
  15.00 16.92 76.92
Monthly 3.00 10.15 46.15
  5.00 16.92 76.92
  10.00 33.85 153.85

The above figures are for illustration purposes only and are based on the basic rate of income tax of 22%. We will, of course, be happy to accept any sum at any of the frequencies shown.