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New Playground Area!

Mrs Micallef's 26 goals in 2.6 minutes!

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Mrs Anderson's hula hoop challenge

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Governor and parent Mrs Anderson participates in the 2.6 Challenge

Caterpillar Watch!

Tuesday 7th April

Friday 10th April

Sunday 12th April

The 5 chrysalides have been moved into their new home whilst they harden and the butterfly starts to form within.  One of the caterpillars decided it couldn’t be bothered to climb to the top of the cup to form a chrysalides and so this one has been placed on kitchen towel to form lying down rather than hanging.

19th April 2020

The chrysalides continue to make the change into butterflies but there isn’t an obvious change for us to see other than they are a bit darker in colour. However we have zoomed our camera in as far as it would go and we can see the painted lady butterfly’s wing forming. Can you spot it too?

They have now been chrysalides for about a week so another few days until the butterflies emerge.

Tuesday 21st April

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Look what Mrs Robinson caught on camera!

Emerging 2.MP4

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This is their home for a few days.

Wednesday 22nd April

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The butterflies have flown!

But 2.MP4

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