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Late/Absence Procedures


As Parents you will understand the importance of regular and punctual attendance and your co-operation in this respect will be much appreciated. We ask all parents to ensure that:

1. Pupils are punctual – school commences at 8.55 and pupils are allowed into school any time from 8.40. They should not however arrive on site before 8.35, as they will not be supervised on the playground. The whistle is blown at 8.50am on the playground. If pupils arrive after 8.55 they will be marked late. If they arrive after the registration period, they will be marked absent and a parent must sign them in and submit a note giving the reason for absence. Persistent lateness will be monitored and strategies suggested to overcome the problem. Formal lessons start by 9.00 so lateness will result in pupils missing vital instructions and cause disruption to others.

2. Pupils attend regularly – this is essential with the current pace of learning. We do not want children in school if they are really poorly but we would ask parents to ensure that they are in school whenever possible. This applies equally to holidays. The dates of the school holidays are published two years in advance so that parents can make their arrangements within these dates. We will not grant leave of absence outside these dates unless there are really exceptional circumstances. The cost and availability of holidays will not be taken into account as this affects everyone equally. It is perhaps worth considering the sort of message you are giving your child about the importance of education if you are prepared to take them out of school for a week or two in the sun!

3. A telephone call is made to the school on the first morning of absence, giving an idea of the illness and expected date of return.  This is particularly important for those children who walk to school on their own.  Inform us in writing of the reasons for absence – a letter giving the reason for absence should be sent to the teacher when the child returns to school

4. Make doctors and dentists appointments outside school hours whenever possible or failing that at the beginning or end of the school day – please note that children taken out of school during lesson time must be signed out by their parents and signed back in on their return. The register of withdrawals is in the entrance hall.