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Vision, Values and Distinctiveness

School Vision


St Paul's is a family; everyone is valued and shares a unifying vision exemplified in our Vision Statement:


We rejoice in trials and problems as these produce endurance and endurance, character and character, hope.

Our school community will be a compassionate place of enjoyment, respect and hope, where courage is valued and skills developed for all to thrive in a diverse world; growing in strength, wisdom and faith.

School Values

Our School Values have been defined in consultation with children, parents, staff and governors at St Paul's.  They have been chosen as umbrella terms and encompass a range of principles and shared beliefs which are explored through collective worship, class activities, PSHE lessons and beyond.  These values are evident in these areas but not least in the way that all of us interact in school.


Our School Values are:








These values are based on Christian values but are wholly inclusive of those of different faiths and world views. Children are taught not just to tolerate, but to celebrate diversity and difference in school and in wider society.

Children cite the story of Noah and the Flood as one Bible story that exemplifies the Values we hold dear at St Paul's.


Our provision for spiritual development of pupils includes their: ability to be reflective about their own beliefs (religious or otherwise) and perspective on life; knowledge of, and respect for, different people's faiths, feelings and values.