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St Paul's Church of England Combined School

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For children to:


Engage and inspire hope to develop their love of music and their creativity as musicians

Celebrate as a community through shared enjoyment of music

Engage in respectful critical engagement, composing their own pieces and appreciating different types of music

Increase their courage to perform



A developing love of music
Listen to different types of music
Make music with their own bodies and with everyday objects
Learn songs and chants through repetition
Be able to talk about music they like and remember


KS1 Pupils have the opportunity to experience:


Using their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. This can be across the curriculum in other subjects and is often incorporated into whole school assemblies.
•  Playing different instruments, everyday objects and their own bodies musically.
•  Performing different musical pieces using their voices or instruments either to their class or the whole school
•  Listening to a range of different music, including pieces from different countries and cultures in subjects such as History and Geography and chants such as times tables songs to help them learn in maths.
•  Experimenting with different musical instruments and sounds
KS2 Pupils have the opportunity to experience:
  • Singing for enjoyment and different purposes with confidence
•  Composing their own musical pieces and organising their ideas in musical structures
•  Perform in different contexts (solo, ensemble, as a class, as a school)
•  Using musical notations to record their ideas
•  Appreciating high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions, composers and musicians
•  Understanding of the history of music including it’s cultural significance in the past and now