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Why is regular attendance important?


Because every child has the right to be educated.

Attending school regularly means that:

  • Students can benefit from the opportunities provided for them in school
  • Student’s learning is uninterrupted
  • Students can achieve the best results in a broad range of activities
  • Relationships with friends and teachers are maintained and can grow.
  • Students are in a safe environment


We need the help of parents to avoid unnecessary absence.

How can Parents help?

  • Support your child’s learning at home
  • Make sure your child arrives at school on time every day, with all their equipment and ready to learn
  • Tell your child that they are expected to follow the school rules and Behaviour Policy
  • Contact your child’s form teacher if he/she has any problems at school
  • Keep the school informed of any issues at home which may affect your child’s attendance/performance at school
  • Make routine medical appointments out of school hours
  • If appointments must be made during school time, make sure your child misses as little of the day as possible


Authorised Absences

The School is allowed to authorise some absences:

  • If a child is genuinely ill – you may be asked to produce a doctor’s certificate
  • If the school is closed – you will be contacted in advance about this
  • If a child is observing a religious festival – applications should be made to the Headteacher in writing in advance

What is unauthorised absence?

During school time students should not :

  • Take a holiday without authorisation by the Headteacher
  • Do the shopping, buy shoes or get their hair cut
  • Wait for tradesmen to call
  • Look after younger children or other family members
  • Sleep in
  • Take a day off for their birthday

Recent research suggests that children who are missing up to 6 weeks schooling during the year actually fall 2 terms behind their peers.


Why school wants you to keep in touch…

We want you to help us to help you…..and together we will know your child is SAFE.

If we don’t hear from you then you may hear from us.


When your child is away from school, please….

  • Contact the school as soon as possible if your child has to miss school for any reason.
  • Tell the school what the illness is when your child is ill.
  • Tell the school the reason for the absence if not due to illness.

If the school does not hear from you and your child is not in school, you may receive a telephone call.

Persistent absences of lateness causing concern will be referred to the Attendance and Engagement service.


Please help us to give your child the education they deserve!

Attendance matters

Leaflet for parents/carers